Back when I first started the brand, actually scrap that, before I started and designed for another company I followed an epic blog called WHERES MY OTHER SHOE . She - a mega babe with effortless style, best inspiration pictures, a model slash stylist working then for Planet Blue. Now as a Freelance Stylist she is taking La by storm, working with the best of the best in photographers, models and brands. She oozes an aesthetic true to my own. She is SARAH PEINADO and I know you will love her too.

Name: Sarah Peinado

Lives: Long Beach, California. USA

Age: I turned 30 this year!

What do you do: Stylist

Tell us something we wouldn't know about you: My gap tooth isn't necessarily natural... I got it from an elbow to the face in basketball! (I had braces at the time, so luckily I didn't lose my teeth!) My nose is also half broken from basketball. Mom was never too happy about this! haha

When did you first get into Styling as a career: It fell into my lap five-ish years ago when I was modeling for Planet Blue... I worked there so much that when the stylist was leaving for another job opp, her and the e-commerce director thought I should try out for the opening :)

Favourite shoot/s to date: Too hard to pick just one, but I think the crowd favorite has been Amanda Booth shot by Zoey Grossman in Topanga Canyon years ago.

You’ve made the  leap from full-time at Planet Blue, to freelance, how is it going? It's been really fun. Not having the full time gig allows me to be open for any travel opportunities and most importantly beach dayssss <3

Examples of Sarah's Styling Work with Wrangler,&nbsp;Planet Blue, For Love and Lemons, Nasty Gal, Billabong, Jason Lee Parry, Pierre Toussaint, Amanda Booth, Zoe Grossman, Cailin Russo, Lilah Parillo to name a few.

Examples of Sarah's Styling Work with Wrangler, Planet Blue, For Love and Lemons, Nasty Gal, Billabong, Jason Lee Parry, Pierre Toussaint, Amanda Booth, Zoe Grossman, Cailin Russo, Lilah Parillo to name a few.

As a self described Stylist and Consulting Bum, what makes you a bum? (Haha): Hehe! I think the bum description stems from first the obvious of being a beach bum, second just feeling like a bum when freelance life gets a lil slow, and third when the guilt hits that I have a silly job that I get to travel and do fun things for ;)

What / who inspires your work?: I stay inspired by connecting with island life and good music, that inner happiness allows the creativity to flow.

What do you love about the colour blue?: It's invigorating right! Beyond it's looks, I've connected blue with it's chakra and there I realized exactly why it speaks to me :)

  I notice you love to travel and have an inherent love for water too - favourite coastal destination?: I truly love and appreciate any place where the water is warm! My happy place is Mallorca, where my best friend is from.   

Dream Beach Destination: I have yet to travel to your corner of the world! Would love to see Australia's beaches, and then head to the Seychelle's! Ufff!

Apart from Clothes - what other essentials do you take to work to get you through the day: I take an aresenal of snacks and drinks (see two questions down) hehe

Whats your go to work outfit: It's usually a jumper (I think you call it a romper or onsie? Jumpsuit?) so I don't have to think too hard in the morning. It has to have pockets, and be something I can bend all angles in :) 

Work day starts - do you Coffee or Green Juice: Mmmm both please! I start with warm water and lemon right when I wake up. Then a cold brew concoction for the commute to work. (cold brew, coconut milk, banana, ice, ashwagandha and collagen supplement) I take a kombucha with me to have with lunch. And then bring ginger and hibiscus tea for that final hour of work.

Work week ends - Drink of choice: Tequila or Mexican beer! We have the best "organic" margaritas here in California :)

What do you love about the brand : Omg I'm such a fangirl!! The inspo and shoots are what dreams are made of... The shoots are always impeccable from creative to model to every little detail. I especially appreciate the uniqueness that Lottie brings to the clothing  with her own hand drawn prints and graphics. The brand shows such real talent, which we don't see often. 

Favourite pieces from the ART ATTACK Collection: I can't stop gushing over the cool little cute jellyfish on the slip dress, and the fish bone sweater could not be any cooler!

Sarah wears Lottie HALL throughout, featuring the ART ATTACK DRESS, ART ATTACK WRAP SKIRT and LIFE AQUATIC DRESS

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